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Our bulk tea division also caters to different varieties of tea from different regions from India. We also offer private label packaging service for your brand. The company’s dedication to excellence has contributed immensely to its popularity and earned the trust of its loyal customers.

Indian chai, often referred to simply as “chai” in India and as “chai tea” in other parts of the world, is a spiced tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic spices and herbs. The Indian market for chai is vast and deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of the country. Globally, the popularity of chai has surged, becoming a staple in many cafes and households.

Late Ravindra Patel who pioneered Organic Assam Tea Production in 2001 after that the brand has a significant presence. At Organic Belseri, our farmer partners are our biggest asset. That’s why we pay them a premium over market prices and make agriculture a viable option for them. By doing so, we ensure a supply chain of quality organic and natural goods that are good for the planet and the people who consume them. So, whether you’re a tea or coffee lover or someone who cares about the environment and social responsibility, Organic Belseri has something for you.

We source our teas from the auction houses and large plantations, has perfected the art of selecting, tasting, blending and shipping teas since its very inception. We have facilities in Kolkata and Coimbatore helps us to procure and store significant quantities of teas. India Tea Exchange sources original and blended black, green and CTC teas both in original and blended form. The channels used for bulk teas include the Public auction System, private and consignment sales and Direct Sales either in original or blended form. We offer tea, from plantations that focus on sustainable practices, to those who appreciate these efforts.

In 1951, the late Manibhai G. Patel founded our company and was considered the most knowledgeable master tea maker in the world. At Manibhai Exports, we take pride in delivering premium-quality organic and conventional teas in bulk and as private-label teas in the segments of black teas, green teas, and white teas. We take pride in being a reputable garden tea exporter, specializing in expertly blended and unique garden teas globally. Our bulk tea shipments are exported to blenders and packers in America, Europe, the East, and the CIS countries. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of production, quality assurance, and packaging facilities that are globally competitive.