Our Values

Belseri Tea is founded on the philosophy of ‘Business as a Matter of Human Service’ which is strengthened by the pillars of Quality, Tradition, Ethics, Integrity, Sustainability and Our Customers.

The quality management starts from the moment samples are received from tea plantations on a daily basis – tea samples are tested by tea connoisseurs. With ratings assigned to each tea, the highest-rated tea is acquired from the plantation by participation in the auctions. This way only the best quality of tea is acquired, this tea is then processed into perfect blends. Due to this rigorous process each brand tastes exactly the same year after year.
Our Quality Control and Research & Development wing ensures that the standards of raw materials used at different stages of manufacturing and that of the finished products are up to the desired levels. Our products go through stringent quality assurance and tea-tasting procedures, so that our customers get rightly blended tea. Our passion for tea has taken us to the pinnacle of the tea industry, making us one of the most reputed and trusted tea traders of all time. Unflinching commitment to quality and adherence to the world-class testing procedures ensure that all our customers get hygienically blended and packed tea.